The Official AFL Dri Tec Towel

The Official AFL Dri Tec Towel will absorb moisture from bowls and hands, keeping them dry and providing superior grip. The Dri Tec Towel is engineered from a high-tech microfibre developed for high performance sports use.

The Dri Tec Towel is:

Highly absorbent
Quick drying
Colour stable
Machine washable
Soft to touch
Excellent for bowls and other sporting activities that require moisture to be absorbed from hands or equipment

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Official AFL Bowls
Official AFL Bowls

Now AFL footy fans can show their true colours on the green and have their very own Official AFL Dreamline XGs with their team colours and logo and financially support their footy club.

Official AFL Henselite Dreamline XGs are now available including the Richmond 2017 Premiers Bowl.

The Dreamline XG is Australia’s most trusted bowl. It is the choice of Australian, World and Commonwealth Games Champions. Its comfort in the hand, maximum stability and predictable line make it so versatile, it’s at home on all surfaces, even in the windiest of conditions.

The Dreamline XG is characterised by a constant arc with a holding finish to the head. The bowl’s material density combined with its fine-tuned shape allows it to maintain momentum for better performance on drives and weighted shots.

Now with contemporary large engravings, the Dreamline XG is the ultimate all-rounder for all bowlers from social to competitive and elite level.

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Henselite Grips
Henselite Grips

Henselite bowls come in either Grip or Non-Grip. The enhanced grip is repositioned lower down on the bowl.  Many modern coaches advise the bowler to hold the bowl with the thumb at its natural resting point. The re-positioned Dreamline XG grip is aligned with this point, allowing for a more natural delivery

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Henselite Dreamline XG
Henselite Dreamline XG

The Dreamline XG is a superb all-round bowl. The Dreamline XG is characterised by a constant arc with a holding finish to the head. It provides the ultimate in comfort, stability and consistency for all bowlers from social to competitive and elite level.

The Dreamline XG is adaptable to the wide variety of surface speeds encountered throughout Australia, from the fast greens of QLD and NSW to the holding greens down South, as well as synthetics and carpets.


Black $560.00 / Mystic $610.00 / Surf, Harlelquin, Beacon, Sunburst $655.00 / Vapour, Coast $695.00

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Midnight Cruze
Henselite Cruze

Cruze is a bowl perfectly suited to fast greens.

With a similar comfort in the hand to the world class Henselite Dreamline XG, and the same winning performance, the new Cruze has been engineered for accuracy and precision on greens running at over 15 seconds.


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