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ADRENALINE is the narrowest of our models offering a unique shape contributing to extreme hand comfort.

Possessing a narrow line, the ADRENALINE is a great bowl for both new and experienced bowlers offering an easy, more direct line to the jack.


Black $499.00 / Coloured $609.00

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Definitely for all the straighter shooters, the ADRENALINE thrives on the medium to quick surfaces, both on Grass and Synthetic.

All round great bowl, that will have you playing at your best!

Features Include and are not limited to comprise of:

– Precision made with advanced technology to suit all Australian conditions

– Narrow bias line ideally suited to greens running 13 seconds and above

– Suitable for all types of grass & synthetic greens

– Outstanding Performance in the Wind

– Exceptional shape & comfortable feel in the hand

– Very even, predictable curve and straight finish into the jack

– Outstanding line with weighted shots