Drakes Pride Booster Telescopic Lifter

The Drakes Pride Booster Telescopic Bowl & Jack Lifter is extremely easy to assemble. This lifter is sure to impress.

Complete with a telescopic arm & a new stronger base this new bowls lifter stores easily into any bowls bag.

$60.00 Product Enquiry
Drakes Pride Collapsible Bowl & Jack Lifter

Collapsible Bowl & Jack Lifter

Steel construction one piece collapsible lifter.

Fits in most bowls bags

$35.00 Product Enquiry
Chrome Lifter 3 Piece
Chrome Lifter 3 Piece

Save your back and enjoy the game even more!

Easy to assemble popular 3 piece Chrome Lifter stores easily into any small bowls bag. It can be used on any size bowl and jack as well.

Chrome plated for long wearing and durability.

$30.00 Product Enquiry